Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring? Is that You??

The old saying "spring is in the air" seems silly in March.  Looking out my office windows proves the saying is on spot rather than silly.  Walking outside I can feel the change in temperature, the thawing, and rebirth all around.  The plants are awakening and blooming.  The birds are chirping and nesting.  Best of all, I find myself to be in a much better mood.

Truly spring is around the corner for most of the country.  Some folks are struggling with continued winter storms.  For them I hope the arrival of spring will be a much deserved blessing and respite.

photo:  Tammi Young

As proof the northern hemisphere is emerging from a deep slumber, the fruit trees -- especially pear, plum, and nectarine -- are erupting into blossom.  It is a magnificent gift to see rows upon rows of these trees spring to life.  It is almost like the animated orchestration of spring. 

The burst of life in nature always inspires me to create something new and beautiful.  This year I am obsessively focused on weddings, chic lines, and simplicity.  Weddings are beautiful whether an intimate affair to a large celebration.  I appreciate the act of committing to another human being and creating a bond stronger than any other in life. 

I also love the beauty of a wedding.  I'm a gal who loves fashion, sparkles, diamonds, and glitz!  Many of my wedding-inspired pieces of late are constructed using cubic zirconias, silver, gold, soft and classic colors.  I especially love the crystal pearl bracelets and necklaces in the shop French Robin Designs!

French Robin Designs
Amethyst Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings

Grey & Platinum Crystal Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Champagne & Cubic Zirconia Gold Dangle Earrings

To that end I've been following wedding blogs.  I just can't get enough of the dresses, decor, and food.  I enjoy visiting Style Me Pretty and Project Wedding to see wedding fashions and decor.  If you or a friend have an upcoming wedding check out these blogs for great ideas and resources.  Of course, my go-to resource is Etsy.  Many vendors are available to provide customized wedding items.  Resources include helpful blogs and links. 

Photos: Katie Young
Spring is also indicative of gardens and fresh vegetables.  I am already planning my vegetable garden, where the new trees will be planted, and how many roses to add to my rose garden!  I am ready to start adding to the beauty around me.  I think I will start with a tulip tree (below) like the one my grandmother had in her yard.  A snowball tree will be added somewhere too - just for Grandma. 

Photo: Tammi Young

 Happy planting to all.  As nature is a demonstration of beauty and life so is art.
Au Revoir!  Tammi

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