Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Photography Part 2

This week I devoted much attention and time to reading my new book "How to Create Stunning Digital Photography" by Tony Northrup.  I LOVE this book.  Just a few chapters into the book and my photos have improved tremendously.

Tony Northrup is a great instructor and writer.  The book includes several video clips that expound on the chapter information.  These videos of Tony Northrup are very helpful with example photos, demonstrations, and other tips and tidbits.

Here are some photos I've taken this past week.  A few of these photos were taken while practicing aperture (Chapter 4).  Others were photographed after reading Chapters 1-3 on controlling the background.

This week practice will include aperture, ISO, shutter speeds, and exposure compensation.  Wish me luck!!

 Going on a photo walk downtown was so much fun.  This photo was taken early in the morning before many of the tourists and business were up and going.  This is a very old building on our downtown square.  I adore the foreground focus with the blurred background (aperture!!).  

I think this part of the process will require more time and patience.  Fortunately, the book provides great "homework" and practice projects.  Yea!

This photo is of my daughter and her best friend.  They are standing on a cement wall dated August 5, 1911 looking into the overflow from our lake.

Here I practiced flower close-ups (aka simplifying the photo).  I think concentrating on the flower rather than the background really captures the beauty of the center and petals.

Next up, for me is to starting taking photos of new products.  I am so excited to use my new skills to take amazing product photos.

An added benefit is I am addicted to photography outside the shop.

This is a fun photo.  I never expected to "freeze" the water from the fountain.  The water drop and splashes really make this photo.

I ADORE my new hobby.  Looking forward to seeing your new photos.