Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teen Boy Birthday Challenge

Teen boy birthday gifts are a challenge for me.  I have four kids.  Yes. Four -- two girls and two boys.  And I have always struggled to purchase gifts for one of my boys.  He is my second child (first son), is about 6' 2" tall, turning 17 in a few days, and one of the most difficult people to shop for -- ever.

This year, as he approaches adulthood, he is very clear about his latest passion.  His truck.  His exact words, "Mom, my life is all about my truck."  So true.

We agreed to help him pay for some kind of new exhaust thing on the truck.  I have no idea what it is; I'm sure it is loud and annoying, but I'm just glad I don't have to shop for the kid.

However, he must have some kind of gift to open on his birthday (I can't wrap an exhaust system). 

To the rescue is my  9 year-old daughter (the little sister).  She and I put together a wonderful bag of treats that every 17 year-old boy wants and needs for his cool vehicle.  There is nothing more fun than shopping with a tween for her teen brother's gag gift. 

Hee hee hee.


We found fantastic Elton John glasses (here's a fun video about the history of Elton John's glasses),  a great battery-operated fan (because his truck's air conditioning is not working), glow sticks for night vision, and a train horn.

Yes, a train horn.  Because the boy keeps asking if he can put a compressor-operated train horn on his truck.

The answer is no, you may not.

I'll be picking up the dashboard hula girl tomorrow.  Promise!

I must say this is one of the funnest ages for a teen boy -- especially my son.  His sense of humor and fun is delightful.  I know he will be puzzled and then laugh at his birthday treats.  He may even use most of them.

Hope you have fun with your teen son as he matures and develops a good sense of humor.