Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping with a Tween

As a mother of four children it is easy to assume shopping with a tween is an easy task for me.  After all, I've spent the past 19 years shopping for one child or another at various stages of growth.  I must admit, however, shopping for the pre-teen is not fun.  Some things have remained true throughout my 19 years of mom/child shopping excursions... kids have opinions.  Very strong opinions.  Often these opinions are counter to mom's opinions. 

My first daughter is now an adult but I remember clearly the battles fought in the store over what is appropriate and acceptable versus "what is in".  Fast forward 11 years and I find myself in the store, in the same battle with my last child who is eight going on twenty-five!

Some things never change.  Fortunately, I've learned how to "negotiate" an appropriate wardrobe for each child.  A wardrobe we both can live with and like. 

My recent outing to the mall was to purchase summer clothing for my eight year-old daughter.  Like so many other children her age schoolmates and television are huge influences.  I am heavily influenced by my desire to keep her a child as long as possible and not let her grow up too fast!

Our trip was painful but successful!  I am willing to take the pain if in the end she has learned how to dress herself in a fun and appropriate manner.  Yes, shopping is a learning lesson for mom and child!

I am so excited by what we found!  The colors this year are sweet, soft pastels; polka dots; stripes; and pretty floral prints.  It is all so feminine!  I wished I could find some of these pieces in my size!

I love these "capri" yoga pants and double-layer tanks.  They are so cute and comfy!  I would totally wear these around the house.

Sweet pastel jeans, capri pants, and shorts.  The shorts are longer making them very appropriate and cute.  My favorite pair are the ombre blue capri pants.  They are awesome!
We couldn't forget skirts and dresses.  My daughters love / loved dresses at this age.  I couldn't get my older daughter out of them when she was 8!  I love the twist on '80's fashion.  The newer versions of stripes and polka dots are modern and classic -- not obnoxious!

These dresses are perfect for spring and summer.  They go to the knee.  I know, a shock in today's world!  They just slip over the head with no fussy buttons or zippers.  I also love that they can be worn with leggings or over a bathing suit when it warms up.

On of my favorite outfits.  The top is adorable.  I love the soft minty blue and pretty pink flowers.  It is longer so no mid-rift or tummy showing.  I also loved that it has a little '80's vibe with the cinched shoulders.  It is adorable with the ombre blue capri pants or a cute pair of pink shorts.

Never fear fellow moms.  Shopping can be safe and fun if you keep to your standards.  Our girls can look stylish, cute, and age-appropriate! 

Au Revoir -- Tammi

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