Friday, December 20, 2013

Childhood Christmas Memories

Decorating the tree each year is a wonderful journey back into my kids' childhoods.  Their homemade ornaments seem to have captured and preserved little bits of them throughout life. 

During our home school years we made these faux snow globe ornaments.  This one was made by my youngest when she was 3. 

I know.  So. Cute.

We used clear plastic cups for the globe.  On the cut out paper bottom we glued fluffed cotton balls. 

From the Dollar Store each of my kids used miniature ornaments to create a scene.  I hot glued the completed bottom to the edge of the cut.

For the hook I punched a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup and untwisted a paper clip.

Each globe is individual and unique.  And each one captures a moment in each of my kids' lives.  I just love them!

Our completed tree is always packed full of memories.  Homemade ornaments.  An ornament for each child every year (like the Dr. Pepper ornament for my oldest son who is OBSESSED with Dr. Pepper!).  Ballerinas, ornaments for each of our pets...
Memories.  Wonderful memories.
Each year my mom and I purchase an ornament for each of the kids.  The ornaments are chosen to reflect each of my kids' personalities.  For instance, my 14 year old loves animals and ocean life.  So, he typically receives blow fish, lions, sharks, etc.
My youngest is a ballerina and girly-girl.  I usually pick out something pink and very sparkly for her.
I love that when the kids grow up and start their own families they will take their ornaments (captured memories) with them to share. 
It is a holiday tradition I look forward to each year. 
Happy holidays --