Friday, January 31, 2014

10 Favorite Superbowl Pins

The Super Bowl is here and I know you are planning a party.  What is the Super Bowl without friends, food, and fun?

I found great ideas for Super Bowl parties.  If you are looking for ideas for your party of 2 or 20 any of these should be great.  All of these ideas were found on Pinterest but where possible I have linked the original webpage or blog.

Favorite #1:

Treat Display

 Love, love, love this display.  So great for the party and after.  And it has that farmhouse, shabby chic vibe.

Favorite #2:

Food Stadium

These are very popular this year.  The stadium can be individual size or something huge for a large crowd.  I love it can include the food you like and stations around the stadium.

So fun and interactive!

Favorite #3:

Nail Art

Every game gal needs a team spirit manicure.  I love the humor of these choices.  And they are perfect for after the game too!

Favorite #4:

Individual Three Layer Dip

Everyone loves layered dips but they are mess and hard to eat when in a big container.  These individual dips are genius!

 Favorite #5:

Kid Friendly

 Can't forget the kids.  This is a great, simple solution to including the kids during the game while making it as mess-free as possible.  

Favorite #6

The Table

Awesome table scape and decorations.  Just the perfect touch to set everyone in the game mood!

Wedding Elegance
Favorite #7


Who doesn't love bingo?  This game is a great, interactive treat for the young and old.  It can be customized for game plays or commercials.   The kids can even make the cards.  Love!

Camp Kurtz

Favorite #8

Pin the Field Goal

Another terrific game for the kids and adults.  Super easy to make and manage too.

Favorite #9

Paper Chain!

Perfect activity for the kids.  A great way to involve them in the party planning and set up.  Make sure you use your favorite team colors.


Favorite #10

Playing Field Table

Love this table cloth.  It is perfect for any field game and just in time for the Super Bowl.

I hope your Super Bowl party is great fun.  Gathering friends and family to share the game, food, and fun games.  What could be better on a Sunday?