Friday, January 3, 2014

Organization Tips for the Home Office - Part Two

So last week I wrote about this big project I decided to undertake.  My home office is a multi-use room -- laundry room, pantry, office (for me and my husband), pass through, storage -- could a room have more functions??!!

I could not live with the chaos in this room any longer.  It was so distracting I wasn't getting any real work done.  A purge, clean, and organization fest was in order.  However, I failed to recognize the magnitude of this project until it was too late.

We have lived in this house for 13 years.  Thirteen years of collecting and hording screws, knick knacks, CD's, cables, and junk.  That's a lot of stuff to sort through.  Oh boy.

I say all of this to explain (excuse) why the room isn't done -- like I foolishly convinced myself it would be.

I did move some of the furniture as planned but I had to make adjustments for all of the technological equipment (I forgot the network equipment -- oops).  I did get some of the organization items (calendars) hung up.  And I did remove that really ugly shelving unit.

But some items remain, like the ugly faux wood cabinet.  I haven't had the time to shop for a new bookcase to replace it.  Hopefully I can tackle that part of the project this week.

I did get my work area organized!  Yea!  I moved my desk and shelving unit, bought organization gear, and rearrange everything.  I love the results!

French Robin Designs

I bought this 4 drawer cube unit  at a local craft store to organize completed, ready-to-sell jewelry.  Each drawer is dedicated and labeled earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bridal.  Inside the drawers the jewelry is organized by invoice number.  Above is a photo storage box for work-in-progress.  The box easily transfer to a work table.

French Robin Designs

The pretty "French" style photo boxes were found at a craft store on clearance.  They hold crystal beads for beading projects.  The beads are organized by color between dividers. 

I LOVE the glass jar on top of the boxes.  I found this at my local grocery store on clearance!!  I don't know what I will use it for but it was too pretty to pass up.

French Robin Designs

Custom labels were made using a great French border from Graphics Fairy.  These are so pretty and feminine.  Each box and drawer has a label -- no more guessing what is in the box!

The bookcase is organized with bead trays and wire (found at a discount store -- they are meant for jewelry); stringing materials in photo boxes (gotta love them); tool tray -- very easy to move to a table; 5-drawer unit for seed / tila beads; shipping supplies; and tools sorted by type.

The tools are sorted into photo boxes in categories of hammers, small tools, adhesives, and soldering supplies.

This is a great little 5-drawer inexpensive unit.  The seed beads (left in tubes) are sorted by color family

A shipping area is very important.  If I had more room a table would be dedicated to boxing and shipping.  Because I don't have that much space I organized boxes, tissue paper, and ribbon in photo boxes on one shelf.
French Robin Designs

I found these great bowls at a discount store.  They are perfect for business cards, earring / necklace cards, and box labels.  They are easy to reach, see when restocking is needed, and pretty.

The bookcase looks great.  Everything has a specific place, is easy to find, and looks clean (the best part)!  The bag on the left is a great example of using an object for an unintended purpose.  This is a hanging jewelry organizer (presumably for the closet).  I use this to organize chain, jump rings, earring findings, and other small objects.  It is one of my favorite organization tools.

The desk has a dedicated space for each business (I have two) and the kids.  No longer do I fumble around looking for that specific paper or note.  Work flows faster now that everything is easy to access.

The progress on the office is great.  I am so happy with the results so far.  This type of project requires flexibility (the furniture did not arrange the way anticipated), focusing on one area at a time, time, and creativity. 

I'd love to hear about some of your organization tips. 
Cheers -- Tammi
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