Thursday, November 14, 2013

3 Beautiful Decorations Crafts and Printables for Thanksgiving

With the holidays quickly approaching I am feeling the desire to make fun crafts with my daughter.  Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thought we could focus on thankfulness and gratitude.

Pretty Candle Centerpiece

I started with a pretty centerpiece for my table.  Holiday smells are so easy to recreate with store bought scented candles.

I started with some pretty leaves and acorns from my yard.  The scented candles came from a large retail store.  I chose candles with great color and, most importantly, a great scent!  Next I pulled out a serving bowl I already own.

Then I layered the leaves on the bottom of the glass dish alternating and mixing the different colors.  The candles are placed in a cluster at the center of the dish.  Finally, the acorns and acorn caps are poured around the candles.  This is a great look for the senses -- color, texture, and wonderful scents.
The Thankful Bowl
Next project is a Thankful Bowl.  I found fantastic printables (links below).  For this project I printed Thankful cards from Tater Tots and Jello!  They are wonderful.

Again, I went into my yard and gathered autumn leaves, persimmons (I have a tree), and pine cones.  Pine cones in my area fall around this time each years so I can use them for fall and winter decorations.  I like the texture and added color for the display.  I also printed out the Thankful Cards from Tater Tots and Jello.

I layered the bowl with leaves making sure to mix the colors and leave some leaves peeking out the side.  Then the persimmons were added in the center.  Pine cones were placed at random throughout.  Last, I added the Thankful cards around the rim of the bowl. 

The idea is each person at the table can take a card and write a short note of thanks.  I will also add pre-written cards to be read aloud during the meal.  My cards will include a short poem or saying, scripture, or a word of thanks to the people in my life.

Thankfulness Wall Display

A great alternative to this display is to use pomegranates, gourds, or apples.  Each of these is easy to find at the grocery store and can be used later in a meal.

To display these lovely thankful cards I strung two pieces of twine on my kitchen wall.  To attach the cards I used paper clips (yes, paperclips) and clothes pins.  For added color and interest I included fall leaves.  I love the rustic look of this display. 
This display hangs just under a large, wood 'Y' representing our family name.  It seemed the perfect place to put words of thanks -- I am most thankful for my family!
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Enjoy -- Tammi