Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3 Sultry, Sexy, & Exotic Earrings

What is it about Morocco, Madrid, or Istanbul that makes them exotic?  Is it the sensual, curving shapes in architecture?  Perhaps the luxurious and luscious colors? 

The allure is powerful and emotional.  I tried to capture the essence and spirit of Morocco, Madrid, and Istanbul in my latest earring collection. 

Each piece, to me, speaks of the shapes and curves found in the architecture, vibrant colors, and sensual movements of Morocco.
Antique Silver with Golden Citrine and Blue Iolite Chandelier Earrings
These beautiful peacock earrings feature hand wire-wrapped gemstones in iolite and citrine.  The colors are an alluring complimentary contrast.  They sway to capture the light and shimmer.
Silver Filigree London Blue Chandelier Earrings
Stunning London Blue gems swing sensually from antique silver filigree pendants.  The gemstones are hand wrapped in sterling silver wire. 

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Orange Carnelian stones are a perfect contrast for one another.  The colors are full of life, exotic, and vibrant.  They sway gently on the silver filigrees.