Friday, November 29, 2013

Tractor Light Parade, Santa, and a Yeti

My day didn't go quite as planned.  The plan was to cook a turkey dinner (we want leftovers) and create a bracelet tutorial for the blog.

Instead....  I spent the day helping decorate our tractor / trailer "float" for the Tractor Light Parade.  It was so fun and exhausting!  Our local town hosts an annual tree lighting, Santa visit, and tractor light parade.  Yup, we live in a rural community and we like our tractors!  The only rules for the float... agricultural vehicle and LOTS of lights.

So I am sharing a few photos of our decorating crew.  Have fun, be creative, and go over the top with your decorating for the holidays!

Santa's Helper

We will have a Santa, Yeti (I know, the best!), Santa hats, and reindeer antlers for the kids.

Lights, lights, lights!  Our family -- cousins, babies, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles --- everyone will ride on our float.  We will bring blankets, pillows, and TREATS for the kids. 
Hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn, and coffee will be loaded on the float.

We added stockings on the corners, golden stars, large ornaments, and, of course, lights.

The crossed skis have colored lights wrapped all around.

Almost finished.  We will add large red bows and wreaths at the parade tomorrow.
Country living is down-to-earth fun.  Can't ask for a better place to live.